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Paul Taylor Dance Company


Artistic Director:

Paul TAYLOR & Michael NOVAK (desig.)


Style: modern

Country: USA

Dancer: 14-16


Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: ca. 10m x 15m


Tour: March 2019 | Spring 2020 and upon request


Photo by Lois Greenfield

About the Company

Paul Taylor was born in 1930 collaborated with Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and George Balanchine; in 1954 he created his first choreography. In 1955 he founded his own company: the Paul Taylor Dance Company (PTDC). In his more than 140 works, Paul Taylor explores a wide range of topics, which focus on questions of humanity between life and death, nature and civilization and love and sexuality.


Since the 2015/2016 Season, other choreographers have the opportunity to work with the company and create works related to Paul Taylor's work.


In May 2018, Michael Novak was presented as designated

Artistic Director to prepare PTDC for the future



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Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, Booth L 22

24. & 25.09.2018, 19:30h

Schwabenlandhalle, Fellbach

Bayerisches Junior Ballett München

29.09.2018, 19:30h

Theater Bonn

Malandain Ballet Biarritz

12. & 13.10.2018, 20:00h

14.10.2018, 19:00h

Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg

Malandain Ballet Biarritz

14.10.2018, 11:00h

Theater der Stadt Schweinfurt

Bayerisches Junior Ballett München

25. & 26.10.2018, 20:00h

Bahnhof Fischbach,


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