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... more than dance ...

Margie Gillis' Legacy Project


Artistic Director:



Style: modern-contemporary

Country: Canada

Dancer: 10


Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: max. 10m x 12m


Tour: April-May 2019 and upon request


Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

About the Company

“I believe that dancers are well positioned to breathe something into the future in a remarkable way. But it won’t
be me. I will be gone. It will be these people. So it becomes
important to share, not to dictate, to share, and really to
inspire, as I’ve been inspired.” - Margie Gillis


Over the past nearly half century, MARGIE GILLIS has won over loyal audiences around the globe with her masterful  interpretation of the different facets of the human soul. She has collaborated with some of the most influential dance artists and companies in the world.

2018 will mark MARGIE GILLIS’ 45th year as a creative force, during which she brought to life an astounding 100 original works. The dance community had called on this international icon to share her philosophy, works, performance techniques and pedagogy. In response, Margie created The Legacy Project. The goal to allow future generations, decades from now, to experience her masterful art, speaking to our  humanity and collective soul.

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