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DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion


Artistic Director:

Jacques HEIM


Style: acrobatic

Country: USA

Dancer: 12


Workshops: upon request

Press: upon request

Stage: min. 10m x 15m


Tour: October & November 2018 & upon request


Photo by Company

About the Company

Founded in 1992 by the Artistic Director and Choreographer Jacques Heim, DIAVOLO | ARCHITECTURE IN MOTION from Los Angeles (USA) is revolutionizing modern dance with stunning dynamics and acrobatics. The actors move on every conceivable objects appearing in our daily life, like doors, chairs, or staircases, but also on oversized, partly abstract, geometric structures such as large wheels, dice or cuboid. The company uses dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment. Through the cooperation of dancers, designers, choreographers and engineers, DIAVOLO creates a unique authenticity, reflected in its various and intensely physical choreographies. In addition to the show effect of each individual work, the choreographies express absurdities of life, in the form of pictorial and architectural metaphors, and alert to stand up for the preservation of humanity in terms of the technological world.


*DIAVOLO |ARCHITECTURE IN MOTION will be presented in cooperation with Opus 3 (New York, USA).


* = Vorstellung über unsere Tochteragentur cult!ur partner!

20.04.2018, 19:30h

Theater Hameln

NRW Juniorballett

03.05.2018, 19:30h

Stadthalle Kleve

NRW Juniorballett

05.05.2018, 19:30h


NRW Juniorballett

06.05.2018, 18:00h

Katholische Kirche St. Maria (Stuttgart)

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2

07.05.2018, 10:00h

Katholische Kirche St. Maria (Stuttgart)

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2

18.&19.05.2018, 19:30h

Theater Heilbronn

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

18.05.2018, 20:00h

Erholungshaus Leverkusen

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

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