... more than dance ...
... more than dance ...



Artistic Director:

Adriana POUS


Style: neoclassical & contemporary

Country: Spain

Dancer: 12


Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: max. 10m x 12m


Tour: May-June 2019 | January 2020 and upon request


Photo by Iosu Martin Mito

About the Company

Since its birth, DANTZAZ has been committed to promoting and developing international projects, as can be seen from the collaboration agreements currently signed with different artistic events and initiatives.


Production centre, creative laboratory and dance company - these are the identifying features of DANTZAZ, a pioneer platform in the field of movement arts which took its first steps in 2007. Construed as a centre for creation, recognised international choreographers (Eric Gauthier, Itzik Galili and Jone San Martin among others) as well as new talents in the field of dance are invited every year to create different short pieces expressly designed for the company.


DANTZAZ is also a meeting place for the new talents of international dance. Every year, the Basque platform hosts 12 artistic residencies uniting six international creators with six local creators, a laboratory formula and networking system also made possible thanks to the collaboration of different Basque entities and venues, such as Dantzagunea, Donostia Kultura, Tabakalera, Azkuna Zentroa and CCN Malandain-Biarritz. Since 2007, over 200,000 spectators have enjoyed the more than four hundred performances given by the company in Europe and North Afrika.


* = Vorstellung über unsere Tochteragentur cult!ur partner!

04.04.2019, 20:00h

Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck (L)

NRW Juniorballett

11. - 14.04.2019, 21:00h - c!p*

Fabrik Stahlbau Strang Aachen

schrit_tmacher Festival

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

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