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Artistic Director:

Adriana POUS


Style: neoclassical & contemporary

Country: Spain

Dancer: 10-14


Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: max. 10m x 12m



January 2020 |

January 2021 &

upon request


Photo by Iosu Martin Mito

About the Company

Under the artistic direction of Adriana Pous, the Basque dance company DANTZAZ from San Sebastian (Spain) has been involved in promoting and developing international dance projects since its founding in 2007.


DANTZAZ is regarded as a creative production center and leads pioneering work in the field of movement arts. More than 90 dancers have started their dancers career at DANTZAZ and written some DANTZAZ history.


Many of them now belong to some of the leading international dance companies, such as the Ballet National de Marseille, Nuremberg Ballet, Scottish Ballet, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and Iceland Dance Company.


* = Vorstellung über unsere Tochteragentur cult!ur partner!

29.01.2020, 19:30h

Erholungshaus, Bayer - Leverkusen

Cie Georges Momboye*

Empreinets Massai

07.02.2020, 20:00h

08.02.2020, 19:00h

Forum am Schloßpark Ludwigsburg

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Gemischtes Programm

11.02.2020, 19:30h

Forum, Leverkusen

Hubbard Street Dance Chciago

Gemischtes Programm

15.02.2020, 19:30h

16.02.2020, 19:30h

Theater Schweinfurt

NW Dance Project

Gemsichtes Programm

19.02.2020, 20:00h

Schlosstheater Fulda

NW Dance Project

Gemsichtes Programm

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