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Founded in 2013 by Patrick Marín and Franziska Grevesmühl – v. Marcard, WorldDCC stand for international high quality service in the performing arts landscape. With more than 20 years of firsthand experience in dancing and representing artists and dance companies, WorldDCC offered a global network and a clear commitment to moving dance forward.


From 2013-2016, WorldDCC had successfully toured some of the best dance companies in many countries all around the world and assisted choreographers and dance companies using.


In order to be able to provide even better services to our clients, with effect to 1st of October 2016 WorldDCC was integrated into Norddeutsche Konzertdirektion Melsine Grevesmühl GmbH (NDKD) and continues working under the new name “NDKD World”. For you, nothing has been changed but the name.


Please contact us under:

patrick.marin@grevesmuehl.de or franziska.grevesmuehl-v.marcard@grevesmuehl.de.



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