Paul Taylor Dance Company


Artistic Director:

Michael NOVAK


Style: modern

Country: USA

Dancer: 16


Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: min. 10m x 15m



Spring 2021 &

upon request


Photo by Paul B. Goode

About the Company

Born in 1930, Paul Taylor received his training as a dancer with, among others, Antony Tudor, Doris Humphrey and José Limón. He worked with Merce Cunningham and Georg Balanchine and was one of the most charismatic soloists in Martha Graham's Dance Company.


In 1954, at the age of 24, he created his first own work. The following year, he founded his own ensemble: the Paul Taylor Dance Company (PTDC). In his 147 choreographies, Paul Taylor dealt with a wide range of topics.


After his death in August 2018, Michael Novak was introduced as the new artistic director. He has modernized PTDC and continues to expand the repertoire of the ensemble with new works by American choreographers. PTDC regularly tours at home and abroad.



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