Artistic Director:

Adriana POUS


Style: neoclassical & contemporary

Country: Spain

Dancer: 10-14,



Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: max. 10m x 12m



Summer 2021 |

Januar 2022 |

Summer 2022 |

& upon request


Photo by Blanca Razquin

About the Company

Under the artistic direction of Adriana Pous, the dance company DANTZAZ, founded in 2007, primarily promotes Basque and European-based talent. DANTZAZ is regarded as a creative production center and leads pioneering work in the field of movement arts.


DANTZAZ wants to spread the Basque mentality first and foremost; and with it the joy of life, the desire for movement, but also the awareness of one's own identity with a Spanish and French background. Thus, they see themselves as a mediator between different cultural currents and as a voice of Europe.


Nearly 60 different works have been created against this background. More than 100 dancers started their career at DANTZAZ and wrote some of the company's history. Many of them now belong to some of the leading international dance companies, such as the Ballet National de Marseille, Scottish Ballet, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, as well as Iceland Dance Company.


More than 200,000 spectators were able to watch the company in more than four hundred guest performances in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Algeria.



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