Zhao Liang Art


Artistic Director:

Liang ZHAO


Style: contemporary

Country: China

Artists: 12-10,



Workshops: yes

Press: upon request

Stage: min. 10m x 15m


Tour: January 2022

& upon request


Photo by San Li

About the Company

ZHAO LIANG ART was established in 2012 by passionate people willing to go wherever dance would take them. The group's main purpose is to create and perform modern dance. ZHAO LIANG ART is working with artists from around the world and it was the first dance company in China to do project-based international partnerships.


The artists at ZHAO LIANG ART are always looking for new directions to go in and exploring new forms of expression. By intergrating dance, visual impressions, music and other forms of art, they push the boundaries of contemporary art and reshape the audience's unterstanding of what dance can be.



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Update: Alle Vorstellungen bis zum 31. Juli 2020 sind leider abgesagt.

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